FAQ page

Shopper FAQ
How do I buy with NiftyPay?
To pay for your things using NiftyPay as a payment option simply select NiftyPay during the checkout process.
How do I open a NiftyPay account?
You can apply directly via the NiftyPay website or by selecting NiftyPay as your payment method on any of our partnered retailers websites/platforms.
How long will the approval process take?
We verify your contact details at sign-up and revert to you within minutes so you don’t miss out on your shopping experience. We recommend that you sign-up before you go shopping though, just to ensure you’re good to go!
What are the requirements for opening a NiftyPay account?
To open an account, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:
- Have a valid South African ID number.
- Have an existing and valid bank account, a valid email address and a RICA’d mobile number.
- Be at least 18 years of age.
- We will also need your consent to conduct a Credit Bureau assessment.
Why has my application been declined?
Your application is subject to NiftyPay’s credit risk & affordability criteria, as per the National Credit Act’s “Responsible Lending” principles. If for whatever reason your application is declined, NiftyPay will inform you of the reason.
What is a late payment fee?
If you miss a payment we will, unfortunately, have to charge you a late payment fee as regulated by the National Credit Act, No.34 of 2005.
How do I pay my account?
Monthly instalments, as reflected on your NiftyPay statement, will be deducted via Debit Order or Card Collection. You are also able to make additional payments via EFT or through one of our payment platforms such as OZOW.
Can I change my debit order details?
Yes, you may change your banking details by contacting our contact center on 012 045 0392 or by sending an email to info@
Can I change my personal or contact information?
Yes, you can change your details on our website or app. If you’d rather speak to one of our NiftyPay support members you can contact NiftyPay via email at info@ or on 012 045 0392 and we’ll be happy to help!
Is the Buy Now, Pay Later payment option really interest-free?
Yes. If you pay on time, you’ll pay no extra fees.
The Buy Now, Pay Later payments are too high, what are my other options?
NiftyPay also offers affordable credit payment options. This enables you to get the products you need on payment terms that suit your wallet ranging from 6 to 12 months.
What is the maximum I can spend with NiftyPay?
This depends on your NiftyPay assessment. If you purchase regularly using NiftyPay and never miss a payment, then we may increase your spending limit over time.
Can I pay an instalment early?
Yes, simply go to the website or app and log in to your account and make the payment. Early payments may boost your spend limit!
Can I change my payment date?
Sadly, no. Your NiftyPay scheduled payment dates are automatically set. Before you confirm your NiftyPay order, make sure you check that the scheduled monthly payment dates suit your budget and bank account. You are however welcome to make an early payment at any time.
Are my details safe?
We’d never put you at risk! Our website is SSL secure and we don’t store your card details. All payments are handled by a secure PCI compliant South African-based payment gateway. We deal with your information as per our privacy policy.
There’s a problem with my purchase/delivery, can you guys help?
NiftyPay, unfortunately, has no control over the goods you’ve bought or their delivery. So, if there’s an issue, then you’ll need to take it up with the retailer and it's subject to their terms and conditions.
I have had a refund processed but it's still not in my account?
Refunds can take some time depending on which bank you’re with. If it’s been over five (5) working days since receiving an email confirmation of the refund then please get in contact with us by sending an email to info@
I don’t think I’m going to be able to make my next payment, what do I do?
Please get in contact with us on 012 045 0392 or send an email to info@
Merchant FAQ
Why would we want to offer Buy Now, Pay Later and credit payment options?
Adding NiftyPay to checkout allows tens of thousands of online shoppers to pay using their facility, becoming a revenue enhancer for the merchant. It allows shoppers to continue shopping during those months where cashflow might be tight.
How can I add NiftyPay to my checkout?
Please complete our merchant enquiry form or send us an email with your details to info@ Our team will give you a call and get you up and running. We integrate with all major e-commerce platforms as well as custom-built websites.
What fee do we pay to NiftyPay
NiftyPay has a standard Merchant fee. This is the only cost to the merchant for a NiftyPay sale. We pay you upfront and carry all the credit risk, helping you convert more customers and increase basket sizes in your store.
When does the merchant get paid?
We have a very flexible payment solution for merchants and can settle you immediately. NiftyPay assumes all of the risks of recovering the money from the customer. 
What happens if a shopper doesn’t pay their instalments?
NiftyPay assumes all the credit and fraud risks. The merchant is paid in full for the transaction and NiftyPay assumes all of the risks of recovering the money from the customer. 
What is the minimum contract term?
Our minimum contract term with a merchant is 12 months.
What is the interest that NiftyPay charges on purchases made with the credit facility?
NiftyPay is a registered credit provider and needs to adhere to the National Credit Regulations as set out in the National Credit Act No 34 of 2005.